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Here I will explore the article "Interactions: Dialogues on Bodies, Protections, and Derivatives." Immediately starting this article I honed in on the idea and thought processes of an artist using material. (Perhaps because I'd spent the day at the iron pour---the distinctive properties of iron, apparent today with liquid metal spewing out from the furnace, really made me think of why we need to think about the unique properties that the material we use provides. Especially important for sculptors, I'd think.)

The article follows the collaboration of Iris van Herpen and Niccolo Casas in using 3D printed materials for fashion, starting with a magnetic motion dress that moves and morphs as the body does. 3D printing offers an entirely new option of bringing traditional techniques and modern technology (again, I'm thinking of the iron pour---industrial revolution meets laser-cut-cardboard mold making...). It gives a solution to bring in computer-generated geometric shapes into clothing in a natural way, even mimicking organic form. I think this is a prime example of what it means to incorporate cutting edge technology in art today--to better use it to redefine and reinterpret nature, the foundation of beauty and therefore art.

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