Artist Exploration: Sayaka Ganz

After a quick google search on metal sculpture artists, Sayaka Ganz's works caught my eye. The first work I saw was one of horses that she'd made with utensils coming out of the wall.

I felt a connection with her work through subject matter (many of her works were animal sculptures and rooted in nature, much like my own).

Her website:

Ganz received her BFA in printmaking at Indiana University Bloomington and did an MFA in 3D studies with a concentration in sculpture at Bowling Green State University. In her artist statement she talks about the early influences of Shintoism--how animism has lead her to create sculptures from the discarded. Shintoism has also been a large player in my own work--it has played a large part in my determining what part of nature I was drawn to and what I considered beautiful in creating artwork.

I am intrigued by the way she incorporates daily materials, spoons, hangers, forks into her sculpture. Her work challenges the viewer to take a second look around and encourage them to change their perspective of materials around them.

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