Project 1 Proposal (Digital Fabrication for Sculptors)

These sketches are rough ideas for my first assignment in Digital Fabrication for Sculptors. The sketches above are ideas I've developed from patterns I used to make (some examples can be seen in my Instagram feed). The bottom half of the page explains the layering I would use.

Another idea I wanted to explore was scientific illustration. I started with my spiny mole crab illustrations (in the Scientific Illustrations tab of this website), including sea life that would be found in its natural habitat.

The sketches below show idea sketches for the different layers this would involve.

The largest sketch on the bottom right is one that I am planning on developing for this project. Instead of colors, I am thinking of using wood panels of different shades to tie the image together and create a sense of depth (darker wood in the back, lighter in the front).

Another variation of the spiny mole crab is represented in the image to the left. I would layer different colored paper panels so that the back of the crab would be the highest.

The bottom left sketch is one I've developed thinking of the growth of mold. Bio-art is something I've had a long interest in.

Finally, the bottom right sketch is a simple geometric figure that would be layered from red to yellow to turquoise to blue. I was thinking about mandalas which I find fascinating.

Finished Piece!

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