Hello and welcome to my website! My name is Megumi and I am an aspiring artist and scientist. 

I'm a senior at the University of Notre Dame studying Science Preprofessional (Premedical) Studies with minors in CDT (Computing & Digital Technologies) and Studio Art. I'm interested in visualizing biological data -- especially in the 3D space. I've been involved with research creating 3D printable reconstructions from biomedical data such as CT. My latest project has been in utilizing multi-color printing technologies to digitally color-code muscle origin and insertion points on a 3D reconstructed bone model to use as enhanced anatomy teaching tools at the Innovation Lab at Notre Dame. 


My current interests include visualization in developmental biology, pre-operative 3D print models, and artistic interventions in 3D reconstruction from biomedical data. 

Here you'll find an online portfolio showcasing my artwork. 

Before and as my interests in the sciences developed I pursued the arts -- beginning with drawing (got into a groove with the "Urban Sketcher's" movement in Tokyo and LA where I lived, and moving on to graphic design (I was a graphic designer for a couple departments at school) and product design (mostly through a design internship in Kathmandu, Nepal). My interests seem scattered but I see a commonality -- drawing and creating is all about abstraction and reconstruction much as 3D modeling from biomedical data is. 

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